We are builders and craftsmen.

The home we custom build for you has infinite possibilities. We’ll start by showing you our models that are built using the latest technologies, and then put our design creativity and skilled craftsmen to work to customize the home to your exacting specifications. And standards.


Creative builders and skilled craftsmen.

We care about your vision and will work closely with you to plan and build your home with unbridled passion and enthusiasm. In the end, the home we create for you will be a true reflection of how you want to live.

During the construction process we’ll keep you involved and make absolutely certain that every step of process runs as smoothly as possible.

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An unexpected way to build.

Your Schiavi Home is constructed using the latest technologies and techniques to make certain that the materials we use are not compromised by the elements. And that we never face construction delays due to inclement weather.

Everything we use to build your home surpasses most of the standards set for use in more traditionally built homes. In the end, your Schiavi home is built is more soundly and is more energy efficient.


It’s all about you.

We offer a number of home styles to choose from but those are just the starting points. The possibilities of what can be added, how the rooms are laid out, and the amenities that go into your home are limited only by your imagination.

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Let’s build something.

Ready to plan the home of your dreams? Looking for the perfect second home by the lake, on the mountain, or near the ocean?  Be in touch, we're ready to take you home.


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